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Welcome to Shinshu Shibu Onsen Hotel Warahi

Smile Hotel Smile Hotel...
Today the flowers bloomed The flowers laughed The Kaha Sonson laughed The Buddha laughed
Heaven and earth laughs God and Buddha laughs
The flowers have bloomed, you also laugh
You also laugh flowers bloom
Call it to bloom
Enjoy your best smile ever once a day.

Approximately 30 minutes by hiking to Jigokudani Yaen-Koen-The base of Shiga Kogen, the largest ski resort in Japan-Spend time surrounded by the clear air in the scenery of Japan...

【Please understand.】
This facility does not have an open-air bath tour.In addition, you can enter the Shibu Oyu of the 9th hot water. (Bathing ticket 500 yen purchased separately)
This facility does not have an elevator.The rooms are on the 2nd to 4th floors, and the hot spring with a view is on the 5th floor.

Although this is a ryokan with no special features, we have 13 rooms and 9 rooms are open.
There is a large space on the 5th floor observation hot spring, and I think that it is at least a relief to have a quiet and relaxing bath.
Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to welcome you.

There was such a place still

  • The history of Shinshu Shibu Onsen that retains the wonders of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras

    There was still such a hot spring resort in Japan
    ◆ Open hot water legend
    It is said that it was discovered about 1300 years ago by Gyoki (a Japanese monk from the Nara period).It is said to have been one of the secret hot springs of Shingen Takeda during the Warring States Period, and the hot spring temple at Shibu Onsen was rebuilt by the donation of Shingen Takeda and was used as a sanatorium for injured soldiers during the Battle of Kawanakajima.
    ◆ Pillow pillow
    Shibu Onsen is famous nationwide, such as Arima Onsen and Tamatsukuri Onsen, along with Arima Onsen and Tamatsukuri Onsen in the essay "Makura Soshi", which is said to have been written by Seisho Nagoni, which is said to have been almost completed in the middle of the Heian period (1001 AD). It was one of the hot spring resorts.
    *There are various opinions.

    The photo shows an old map of Shibu Onsen during the Bunsei period of the Edo period (about 200 years ago).

Observation hot spring

  • Good water, good view

    Warahi-no-Yu is said to be Bijin-no-Yu and Women's-Yu, and there are two types of hot springs, one that contains a lot of iron and the other that contains sodium, calcium, chloride, and sulfate. is.
    It is a 100% natural free-flowing hot spring that is pulled up to the 5th floor of the hotel through a hot spring pipe from two sources.
    The view from the 5th floor is open because there are no tall buildings around.

    *Notes* As for the Kyuyu tour, this facility cannot be used because it is not a member of the "Ryokan Association" shortly after it opened.Please understand.(Affiliated with "Onsen Association")


Inside the facility/service

  • Please relax and wear the straw wear.

    Warahi is not only for staying, but for sightseeing, stay suggestions, etc. tailored to customers.
    We hope you will be satisfied with your time at Shibu Onsen in Kita Shinshu.
    This is a hotel that meets customer needs.

    Enjoy a comfortable stay and walk with Warahi Original Room Wear.

    As a customer's guide to Northern Shinshu, staff recommended spots and surrounding maps in a book
    It is summarized.
    Let's make your plan, family trip, and friend trip together.

Restaurant HAPPY

  • Please enjoy your meal freely, such as your favorite or budget.

    Restaurant HAPPY is located about 20 steps from Hotel Warahi Accommodation Building, and you can enjoy lunch and dinner at lunch.
    Hotel Okura Group Former Chief Chef Mr. Takagi's menu, Western food, Japanese food, sweets, sake, snacks etc. are prepared.
    There is a large parlor, a table seat, and a kotatsu seat in winter so that you can relax and enjoy your meal.
    Enjoy your favorite meal, your budget, and the better meal.

Recommended accommodation plan

  • 【Only Room/ No Meals Included】Recommended for a simple stay with a view hot spring flowing directly from the source and work clothes☆Free parking/bicycle parking lot☆

    *This is plan without meals.
    As a base for exploring Hokushinshu, soak in hot springs flowing directly from the source,
    Enjoy your private time and relax!

    ◯ To the summer resort "Shiga Kogen"! Take a scenic walk in the air on a gondola / Journey to the top of 2307m(About 30 minutes by car from our hotel)
    ◯As a base for walking around the Shibuyu Tanaka hot spring town, to Obuse, the town of chestnuts, to Suzaka City Zoo, to Snow Monkey Jigokudani.
    ◯ Once in a while, relax in reading and hot springs and go on a trip for a change
    ◯ For business use / simple stay for active people
  • 【Supper ticket with 1000 yen ticket & no meal plan】☆Observatory hot spring, free parking bicycle parking lot, Wifi in the whole building☆

    (in preparation)

Warahi's approach

  • 【We also do farming! 】

    At Hotel Warahi, we grow blueberries for raw consumption and processing as well as agricultural products in Yamanouchi Town.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

(0269) 38-6767

Reception hours 9:00 to 17:00  FAX 0269-38-6606