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Tourist Information Warahi version

  • There was such a place around

Travel together

  • Warahi is your guide to Northern Shinshu.
    A leisurely walk around the area, hiking course, recommended spots where you want to go for a short drive
    Souvenirs, local sake and craft beer, fruit tourism farms such as grape picking and apple picking, skiing and snowboarding in winter...
    Please feel free to ask at the front desk.

    Staff recommended spots and surrounding maps are summarized in a book.
    It's easy to come to us without a plan, and we are excited about new discoveries as we go....
    Let's make your plan, trip with friends, family trip together.

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A walk of Issa with a history

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Recommended sightseeing spots

  • We will introduce recommended sightseeing spots in Warahi.
    There are many more near Warahi.
    Obuse, Suzaka and Shiga Kogen are also territories.
    We are also looking forward to preparing a map.
  • Temple tour

    There are many temples around Shibu Onsen, both surprisingly and unexpectedly.

    ◆ Hot spring temple(Photo)
    Also known as "Yokoyuyama Onsenji", it was founded in 1305 when Toraseki Master Renkoku (Kyotoshi, Tofukuji Temple "Nanzenji Sumimochi, a monk in the Nambokucho period") visited Shibu Onsen. It is said that the effect of Shibu Onsen was spread and the view of the temple was prepared as a temple of the Rinzai sect.
    ☆ Warachoi appeal point ☆
    Shingen Takeda, which was famous in the Battle of Kawanakajima, was frequently visited at Shibu Onsen, and "Onsen-ji" is famous as a temple related to Shingen Takeda.The crest of the Takeda family can also be seen on the roof tiles.

    others ◆ Narita Fudoson ◆ Yokoyu Yakushi ◆ Astringent Yakuan
    2 minutes walk from the hotel(Hot spring temple)
  • Fruit kingdom

    Yamanouchi Town and Nakano City are famous for their fruits.
    Blueberry hunting,Cherry Picking,Grapes Picking,Apple picking
    You can experience various fruits harvesting.

    It is also a good souvenir.
    Unlike the supermarket, you can enjoy the richness of the taste because it is fresh.
    10 to 20 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Aiming to conquer the Walk Series

    There are several walking paths around Shibu Onsen.
    Take a deep breath with a mask-free refreshing air!

    ◆ Benefit walk way
    ◆ Issa walking path
    ◆ To Jigokudani Yaen-Koen
    ◆ Original neighborhood walk-Time slip edition-

    Please ask the staff for details.
    20 minutes to 1 hour(course on course)
  • The most famous monkey in the world

    Do you know Snow Monkey?
    It's a monkey that takes a hot spring.
    It may be said that the monkey was introduced in the United States and is the most famous monkey in the world.
    The baby's curious is very cute.
    You can see it at Jigokudani Yaen-Koen in Jigokudani Onsen.

    *The picture is chalk art by the Warahi staff.
    About 30 minutes on foot from the hotel(hiking)
  • Temple tour 2

    ◆ Astringent hermitage
    The foundation was built in the Kamikame year (724 to 729) when the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva (one of the four saints of Todaiji Temple) made a pilgrimage, and when he visited this place, he discovered the source of the hot spring near the present Oyu and spread the effect of the hot spring to the residents and Yakushi Nyorai. It is said that the beginning was when the statue was carved by himself.

    ☆ A small appeal point from the straw ☆
    There is a cute statue of a raccoon wearing a hat holding a bowl.May there be a good thing to visit!?
    There are statues called Miike Kurason nearby, and each one has a kind of role written on it, so please read it.
  • Liquor lover

    For those who like alcohol, Yamanouchi Town is the Tamamura Main Store.
    Crafted from local sake, local beer, etc.
    We cultivate our own hops and rice with no pesticides.
    Growing rice without pesticides seems to be quite difficult.

    The Tamamura main store gallery is right next to the factory where you can enjoy sake on the spot.
    It is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

    At restaurant HAPPY, you can enjoy local sake "Enki" and local beer "Shiga Kogen Beer".
  • Nagano Electric Railway Limited Express is like I saw it somewhere...

    This is the entrance station of Shibu Onsen, Yudanaka station of Nagano Electric Railway.
    This is the last station without any tracks ahead.

    Vehicles used for limited express are Odakyu Romance Car and Narita Express,
    It's nostalgia.
    I'm a fan of railways.

    About 45 minutes by limited express from Nagano Station to Yudanaka Station, the last stop on the Nagano Electric Railway.
    About 5 minutes by car or taxi from Yudanaka Station to the hotel
  • Hot spring gush

    Hot steam is coming out, and the heat is transmitted when you go near.
    Good for cold weather.

    By the way, there is a hot spring pipe under the stone pavement in Shibu Onsen town, so the snow melts easily.
    Effective use of hot springs.