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  2. Observation hot spring

Observation hot spring

Warahi no Yu is a water of laughter

Good water, good view

Beautiful hot water for ladies and hot water for ladies
A mixed spring that combines two different sources
100% natural free flowing hot springs
Relax and enjoy the bath.

Please enjoy the view from the 5th floor.
Shibu Onsen town
Hokushin Gogaku mountains
Sky looking up from the basin

Chapuchapu A pleasant laughter bath.

Shibu Onsen Warahinoyu

  • Beautiful hot water for ladies and hot water for ladies

    Hot spring bath hours
    15:00 to 23:00 6:30 to 9:30*It depends on the situation.
    Hot spring bathing category
    Men's bath/Women's bath
    Hot spring qualities
    Sodium, calcium, chloride, sulfate spring, iron-containing spring
    The source of the hotel is a blended hot spring that draws hot water from two places.
    It is a 100% natural free flowing hot spring that has been pulled up from the source to the 5th floor of the hotel through a hot water pipe.
    Muscle/joint pain/stiffness, coldness, scratches, gastrointestinal function decline, dry skin, recovery from fatigue, health promotion, etc.
    * For other indications, please refer to the hot spring analysis documents posted.
    The bathtub and washroom are large in size, but if congestion is expected, please contact us with your request in advance.
    Please understand that the usage time may be decided.
    * For contraindications for bathing and precautions for bathing, please refer to the posted hot spring analysis documents.

    * About Kyuyu Tour
    This facility cannot be used soon after opening because it is not a member of the ryokan association that manages the tour of the nine hot springs.
    Please understand.(Joined the hot springs association)
    Usage fee
    The price is included in the room rate.A hot spring tax will be charged separately.