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I'm happy !

Please enjoy your meal freely, such as your favorite or budget.

Restaurant HAPPY...
Located about 20 steps from the Hotel Warahi accommodation building, you can enjoy meals and cafe menus.
A take-out menu is also available.We support drinking in the room.
Hotel Okura Group Former Chief Chef Mr. Takagi's menu, Western food, Japanese food, sweets, sake, snacks etc. are prepared.
There is a large parlor, a table seat, and a kotatsu seat in winter so that you can relax and enjoy your meal.
Enjoy your favorite meal, your budget, and the better meal.
  • Restaurant HAPPY

    Hope you can enjoy your meal freely including budget and budget,
    Please use the restaurant Happy.

    ◆ Seats are arranged in partitions, etc. to ensure ample space
    ◆ We also provide delivery service to the rooms in the hotel building.
       Please use it for drinking in your room.
    ◆ Depending on the number of guests, breakfast may be served here.

    ※※ The menu picture is an image.
    Please understand that the menu contents will be updated from time to time.
    • Shibu Onsen family restaurant!

    Single menu

    • Meal menu
      ◆Tonkatsu happy curry
      Curry roux in pursuit of mellowness and low-temperature-aged low-ston cutlet
      ◆Beef Hotel Curry
      Hotel curry roux with authentic spices and softly cooked beef
      *You can enjoy two kinds of curry roux.
      ◆Demiglace hamburger plate
      ◆Eel set
    • Various salads and sandwiches Various snacks
      ◆Bean Power Salad with 2 types of special dressing
      ◆Various sandwiches
      *Sandwiches with the best match for tasty baguettes
      ◆Various snacks
    • Various sweets
      ◆Various sweets
      Along with your favorite drink, take a quick break at cafe time
      Or to another belly sweets after eating
    • Various drinks
      ◆Ice-aged coffee...A special coffee aged at an ice temperature to bring out the flavor of beans.Fragrant, deep and sharp.Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweets once you can't forget it.
      ◆Local Tamamura Main Store Various beer and local sake
      ◆Shinano Wine
      ◆Shinshu Momo/Shinshu apple/Shinshu Kyoho 100% juice(bottle)
      There are various other types.
    • Restaurant HAPPY Reservations and inquiries TEL

      (0269)38-6767 or (0269) 34-2020
      Business hours
      The restaurant will be closed for a while.
      30 seats