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Inside the facility/service

Warahi original!

Warahi Service/Information on this facility

Hotel Warahi supports each guest's sightseeing and stay.
Walking, going by car, local souvenirs, fruit tourism farm, sports...
In the original scenery of Japan Surrounded by clear air, take a stroll around
When you come home
We want our customers to smile.

Please spend your time relaxing with Warahi original room wear.

Warahi offers original relaxing wear so that you can spend a relaxing time, such as staying at the property or taking a walk.
We will make a double layer of natural gauze, so you can enjoy a very soft touch with a cool summer and warm winter.

*There are M/L/XL sizes.The size is divided by the embroidery logo color.
Depending on the size etc., we may not be able to meet your request.Please note that we do not prepare for children.


  • Welcome!

    ☆ Comes with a special welcome fruit of home grown blueberries.(It plan.Contents may change)

    ☆ Support drinking in the room! We also sell snacks and drinks from the annex restaurant Happy (delivered to your room) and local sake from Yamanouchi Town at the front desk.

    ☆ For a limited time and quantity, we will sell home grown vegetables, blueberries, etc. in this facility.

    ☆ Depending on the season, we will guide you to the field "Uraraka no Oka" such as blueberry harvesting experience and farmer experience.(Please contact the staff for details)
  • Observation hot spring

    Warahinoyu is a hot spring for women with no habit.
    It is a 100% natural free flowing hot spring that is a mixed spring that combines two different hot spring sources.
    Relax and enjoy the bath.

    It's also on the 5th floor, so it looks like the town of Shibu Onsen and the mountains of Kitashin Gogaku.
    You can also enjoy the view with a sense of openness.

    Welcome back First, relax at the hot spring
  • Northern Shinshu guide

    Warahi is your guide to Northern Shinshu.
    A leisurely walk around the area, hiking course, recommended spots where you want to go for a short drive
    Souvenirs, local sake and craft beer, fruit tourism farms such as grape picking and apple picking, skiing and snowboarding in winter...
    Please feel free to ask at the front desk.

    Staff recommended spots and surrounding maps are summarized in a book.
    It's easy to come to us without a plan, and we are excited about new discoveries as we go....
    Let's make your plan, family trip, and friend trip together.
  • Restaurant HAPPY

    Straw is an inn without meals or with breakfast overnight.You can make a free plan.
    For dinner,
    You can choose your favorite menu, sake and snacks, lightly dessert, sweets, sweets...
    Enjoy a free meal plan at the restaurant in the annex.

    There are tatami mats, table seats, and kotatsu seats for winter so you can have a leisurely meal.
    Please walk on the stone pavement for about 20 steps from the accommodation building.

    <Breakfast for hotel guests(Breakfast Included Plan)>
    Depending on the number of people, it is the restaurant HAPPY or the first floor of the accommodation building.

    Lunch / cafe / dinner

    Lunch from 12:00/From cafe 14:00/Supper ~ 21: 00(Last order 20:30)


    *Regarding business hours, we are closed on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 21:00 during the busy season (late July to mid-August) and from 14:00 to 21:00 during other periods.(Please understand that it may be changed due to circumstances.)
  • Service & leisure

    Suggestions for winter sports and hot springs

    It takes about 30 minutes by car from the hotel to Shiga Kogen, the largest ski resort in Japan.
    The highest altitude of 2307m is the best in Japan and the view is superb.Snow is a smooth powder.

    At this facility
    ◆ Arranging brand-quality ski and snowboard rentals
    ◆ Book a seat at Ichinose Diamond Ski Resort restaurant (300 seats)
    ◆ Arrangement for lift tickets, etc.
    Yes, available.

    If you are not good at driving on winter roads, you can use a local bus near the hotel.
    We recommend outdoor sports that are full of openness in nature.


    Late November-early May *It changes according to the snowfall situation.


Number of rooms

9 rooms


1 to 5(Depends on room type)

Number of floors

Guest rooms 2nd-4th floors / Observation hot spring 5th floor
*Currently, the elevator is inspected and repaired and cannot be used.We apologize for the inconvenience.[We are currently offering a 1000 yen discount on plan]


Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.(There is a smoking space outside the first floor)

Check In


Check Out


Payment method

In addition to cash payment, you can use credit card, electronic money, and QR code payment.

Credit cards that can be used locally

VISA/Master/JCB/AMEX/Diners/Various electronic money/Various QR code payments WeChatPay/Alipay/LINE Pay/d payment/PayPay/au Pay

Regarding child charges

Elementary school children: 70% of adult price / infant (meal and futon) 2500 yen ・(futon) 2000 yenInfants sharing a bed (without meals and futon) are free.*A maximum of one child can stay in an adult bed.