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Warahi's approach

【Measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases】

  • At this facility, we take the following measures and operate in consideration of the health and safety of our customers and staff.
  • 【Measures at this facility】
    ・Regular cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation of common facilities such as front desks and elevators, as well as common areas where many people come into contact
    ・Installation of antiseptic solution for hand disinfection in multiple places such as common space
    ・Regarding bathhouses and eating and drinking facilities, limit the number of people and time, and secure sufficient space
    ・Transparent partitions are installed at the front desk where the customer and the staff face each other, and at the restaurant reception.

    【Measures for employees】
    ・Temperature measurement when employees go to work,Daily physical condition management
    ・Wearing a mask while working

Request for cooperation to customers

  • We ask our customers for their help such as hand sanitization, filling out a health check sheet, and wearing a mask in a public space.
  • We ask for the following cooperation.

    *All temperature measurements at check-in, fill out health check sheet
    *Wearing a mask in a common space
    *Hand washing and hand disinfection
    *Have an interval in the elevator, etc.
    Please understand.

    If you have a cold symptom etc., we will seek the instructions from the nearest public health center and take appropriate measures.If you feel unwell during your stay, please contact us immediately and report to a public health center or consult a medical institution if necessary.

    If you are eligible for the discount for the Go To Travel business, you must confirm the identity of all.(My number card,Driver's license,Passports, etc.)